The Birth of Jesus: The Birth Of Your Gifts

The  Birth of Jesus: The Birth Of Your Gifts

So often we miss the important aspects of the holiday season. Christmas should not be about gifts and food, rather it needs to be centered on the story of Jesus Christ. I am all for having a good time, but in the midst of all these things, there are some very valuable lessons found in the birth of Jesus. Let us gain some wisdom from the preparation for the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mary’s story (Luke 1)

Mary, the soon to be mother of Jesus lived in Nazareth and was pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. One night, God sent the angel Gabriel to tell Mary that she would conceive “ the son of the most High” (verse 31) and that this son “will reign over Jacob’s descendants forever; his kingdom will never end” (verse32).

Imagine being a young single virgin and someone telling you that you would bear a King, the King of kings for that matter, how would you feel? Many of us would be apprehensive, confused and even scared. Maybe you aren’t a young single virgin that has been told that she will bear a King, but you may be someone God has called to do great things. Mary’s response is very similar to most of us when we are called by God. Mary asks the angel “How will this be”(verse34), the revelation that the angel had just given her was not humanely possible but was possible with the power of the most high God.

God Has Planted A Gift In Your Womb

There are passions, gifts, purpose in your womb. These gifts cannot be developed without the power of God. Mary had no earthly tools and means to bear a King. She had to trust the Lord to do so. Like Mary, we also don’t have all the tools that we need to birth greatness. Fortunately, this story reminds us that with God’s power, all things are possible. Mary left the conversation with Gabriel confident and not apprehensive or fearful. She says, “ My soul glorifies the lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my savior…” Mary expresses her love for God and her confidence in him to Elizabeth from verse 46-56.

What do you do when God calls you, what do you do when he gives you supernatural tasks and gifts? Do you run away, do you become fearful? Or do you rejoice in the Lord and walk with him in confidence? Lets be more like Mary, let us submit to God’s will. Let’s rejoice in the Lord and lean on Him so that we may live out our purpose.

Joseph’s Story (Matthew 1)

We get a glimpse of what Joseph was going through in Matthew 1. After hearing that his soon to be wife was pregnant, he wanted to end the relationship.  But before ending the relationship, God came in and changed his heart. An angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “ Do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit” (verse 20).

When Joseph woke up, he did exactly what the angel told him to do. Joseph took Mary as his wife and did not consummate the marriage until she gave birth to the son. Talk about obedience! Imagine what people must have been saying about Joseph, he was about to marry a woman that didn’t seem to be a virgin. What is so amazing is that Joseph was unbothered by the words of those around him. Joseph was focused on the commands of God and he fulfilled them with excellence.

It Doesnt Always Makes Sense

Sometimes, the things that God has called you to do wont make sense to anyone around you. People will laugh at you and even mock you, but none of that matters when you have the approval of the Lord. Like Joseph, let us stare at Jesus instead of focusing on the naysayers. The words of naysayers wont get you into heaven. Stop halting your progress because you care about what people have to say. Joseph obeyed God, and from his obedience became the earthly father of the King of kings, what an honor.

The story of the birth of Jesus is a beautiful one that we must be reminded off. The holiday season is a time of food, family, and gifts, but in the midst of that, God has important lessons to teach us. 2017 is the year that you choose to be bold in your calling. Like Mary and Joseph, choose to obey God. Lean on Him to fulfill His will. Soon you will birth gifts that will impact generations to come.

Stay blessed,