Feeling Overlooked: The Gift Of Being Hidden

Feeling Overlooked: The Gift Of Being Hidden

Feeling Overlooked? Hidden?

Do you ever feel like no one sees you? Like there is so much inside of you that has yet to be revealed? Do you feel like opportunities haven’t been presented to you? You find yourself being overlooked, do you feel hidden?

People can clearly see you, I am not referring to being physically hidden, but it seems that your giftings and anointing are being overlooked, it’s as if they aren’t there. Why has God downloaded all these things inside of you without providing any opportunities for it to be revealed?

I have felt hidden, I have felt overlooked. And although I am a big proponent of allowing God to unveil what is inside you, that’s it! I am a big proponent of allowing God to unveil what is inside of you in HIS timing. Let me repeat that, I am a big proponent of allowing God to unveil what is inside of you in HIS timing. You may or may not want to hear this, but it is a gift to be hidden and God may hide parts of you from the world for your own benefit.

Now I am not saying that God is keeping you to himself, and doesn’t want the world to see your light, no. We are called to be the light of the world. However, there are some giftings in you, some characteristics, some anointing that has yet to be revealed…on purpose.

Right Time, Right Place

Some of your giftings have not met the right environment or season, therefore will stay in a hiding place. In the period before the unveiling, God will prune that gifting, will build it and prepare you to reveal it in a way that will make a large impact. He is even preparing the hearts of people to receive what is inside of you. So no, being hidden is not a bad thing when it is done by God.

When you purposely seclude yourself from the world, that my friend is not healthy and that is not of God. But I think we can all identify certain gifts, projects and plans that are deep inside of us that have not come to life. This is God’s security blanket for us, it is not a curse.


So you have applied to a million schools, have done everything on your part, but have yet to get an acceptance letter…you might be in God’s hiding place. So you’ve worked your butt off at work, you come in early and leave late, but your employer has yet to notice you…you might be in God’s hiding place. Everyone says how sweet you are, you look good, you focus your mind on Jesus, you pray for a Godly relationship, and it seems like everyone is finding a spouse except you…you might be in God’s hiding place.

Are you following? There is an appropriate time and place for everything, and that gift may not have reached its perfect time and place for ripening.

They say the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. To add to that, the right thing at the wrong place is also the wrong thing. There are specific environments that are necessary to grow your gift and to accept that gift. You may not be at a place ready for your unveiling. You may not be in a season where that gifting is ripe enough to be released to the world.

Wait on the Lord and trust that He knows what He is doing.

The Lord has a plan to unfold everything He has downloaded into you. But, you have to trust that He will do so in His timing.

It is a gift to be hidden because….

      1. Being thrown into an environment prematurely can destroy you. You might think that you are ready to lead that group, take that promotion and be in that relationship…but you don’t know the full story like God does. Your life is not a television show, if you fast forward to the next scene and have issues understanding the scene, you can’t rewind to the previous scene.

          Once a season is gone, it is gone! so don’t give up the opportunity to maximize the season that you are in. You have to learn the necessary lessons and build the appropriate character before moving on, or else you will burn.


    2.There is a lot of growth found in the hiding place. You are able to allow God to mature you privately without scrutiny. Growing in the limelight is not easy, ask any childhood star! it is a gift to be able to make mistakes and to grow without all eyes being on you.


   3. It protects God’s children. Being placed in an environment prematurely is not just dangerous for you but dangerous for those that are in your sphere of influence. Imagine how destructive it could be to lead a company with little experience…imagine the effect it would have on your employees, on their families.

       Preparation is key for the sake of those you are being protected for. This life we live is not only for our sake. Being overlooked for that one job may have been a blessing! That guy that didn’t text you back… count your blessings sis!


   4. Jesus was hidden. We forget that the bible does not speak about a large portion of Jesus’s life. A short portion of his childhood is revealed, but we aren’t aware of his story again until he is 30. We don’t know and will never know what happened in that gap.

We can imagine that Jesus was living his life, doing his work, and being pruned to fulfill his ministry. The point is, being hidden is necessary. There is no need for the masses to know what God is doing in you…in due season it will be revealed through your fruit.

 Hear Me Roar

I think our generation has a way of wanting things quickly. As soon as God begins to teach us something, we are quick to stop learning, believing that we have all the necessary lessons. We are quick to share, to implement. We don’t always take the time for God to mature what He has started in us. It’s a move out the way, hear me roar mentality.

I don’t want you to dim down your light, no, no. no, I want you to roar, as God leads you to.  But I do want you to take a step back and appreciate the work that God is doing in you. I urge you to take a step back and reflect. Don’t move ahead of God! there are gifts in you that are not ready to be exposed. Trust in His timing. It is ok to be in God’s hiding place.

Stay blessed,

Have you ever been hidden? Do you have dreams and gifts you have yet to see? Comment below!



  1. Sandra A Adeyemi
    November 13, 2017 / 2:39 pm

    This was soo good! Gods revelation and timing is the best and adds no sorrow!

    • ktchuindjo
      November 15, 2017 / 1:50 am

      yes, no sorrow!. Thanks for reading girl

  2. J
    November 18, 2017 / 5:31 am

    I love this, it really touched me ❤️

    • ktchuindjo
      November 19, 2017 / 8:24 pm

      I am glad, thank you for reading!

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