Welcome to IAMKYT.com, we are honored to have you join our community of purposely driven women.

The mission of IAMKYT is to encourage young women to leave their broken pasts and march foward in purpose so that they may attain the beautiful future that God has for them. IAMKYT, written by Karen Yango, is a lifetsyle blog base on christian principles. We believe in the infalible power of Jesus Christ and that Christ is the son of God and has shed His blood for our sins.

On the blog, you will find advice on relationships, faith, career, and the ins and out of life. You will also be able to follow Karen along as she travels, read amazing books, try new products and go on fun outings.

So are you ready to make it official? than join us as we seek to live a purposely driven life full of boldness, power, and freedom.

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