Simbi Akanni: The Dating Fast

Simbi Akanni: The Dating Fast

Today I bring to you a guest, Simbi Akanni from SimspirituallyInspired. Without further ado, let’s leave her to inspire us all on having a dating fast during our single season.

dating fast


Simbi Akanni of is a Christian Blogger, YouTuber, and student based in NYC. Her ministry stems from Colossians 1:6 and is “carefully tailored to inspire and propel the chosen generation.”



Dating Fast


I was called to wait.

It started with 366 days and I hoped my “testimony” would come on day 367 only to realize that was just the beginning of “the wait.”

Let’s talk about it.

For 366 days I decided to give up dating or anything that smelled like a boy, to focus on developing my relationship with Abba.

This was a big deal for me because I had just come out of a situation-ship and truthfully I had never been completely “single.” If I wasn’t talking to Olumide, I was entertaining Ty-Quann, sometimes Rahman and even Tom.

I gave my life to Christ two years prior to my “dating fast.” – Well, by “life” I mean, every area other than relationships.

I didn’t know God wanted control over that area as well. I thought “I could do bad all by myself.” I mean, who talks to their dad about their boyfriends and summer flings anyway? So I thought. Or, so I was taught. That’s a different story for another day.

That same year (2014), a few weeks after being baptized by the Holy Spirit actually, I met a guy.

We went on and off a journey for about a year and a half – it was a situation-ship.

I’d always loved the idea of marriage, a cute wedding ring, being “loved” and all the other things Disney channel feeds 10-year-old girls.

For years, my definition of love was wrong. But God, merciful in all of His ways nudged me to wait.

So I waited.


I grumbled a bit but, it quickly became less about the act of waiting and more about how I waited.

Waiting calls for you to shift your focus from what you’re waiting for, to God. (Matthew 6:33)

Wait and pray.

Wait and prepare.

I decided to strategize my waiting period. I figured I must be prepared to receive God’s blessings!

Ladies typically have a laundry list of character traits bae should have.

I kept my list.

My list became my list.

I can’t expect all these wonderful things of a man if I, as a woman, can’t even live up to those expectations.

I prepared.

Instead of counting down days, I thought of ways to develop into a Proverbs 31 woman.

I revisited 1 Corinthians 13 to make sure I understand what true love is; in turn, I’d be able to recognize my blessing when God sends him my way.

I invested more time in getting to know my sisters in Christ.

I pampered myself.

I watched sermon after sermon on the topic of Christ-centered relationships.

I prayed frequently for my future spouse.

I even went on to hold an event for ladies where we talked all about singleness, courting, and marriage.

So, how will you wait?

Your waiting will prove whether or not you trust God in this area of your life.

Will you grumble through it or trust that He’ll do it?

And hey, I’m still waiting.

Thankfully, my perspective has changed. I’m now able to view relationships in the way God intended. I’m no longer eagerly expecting bae because, at the end of the day, even bae cannot “complete me.” Through waiting, I’ve learned of the marvelous plans God has for my life in this season. Right now, I’ll keep living and enjoy this season. Whenever the next season comes around, I’m sure I’ll be prepared for it.

I challenge you to wait.

Getting to know yourself is such a beautiful thing.

It’ll reveal your innermost desires.

God wants you. All of you.

So, wait.




Wasn’t that amazing! Simbi, thank you so much for blessing the IAMKYT community, I pray that your wait will continue to be fruitful and will end in a beautiful love story.

So often as singles we moan about the season that we are in, thank you for reminding us that there are things to be done even in this season. Waiting does not neccesarily mean to sit around, be productive in the wait, it’s the perfect time to understand the puporse and mission God has for you.

Stay blessed,

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