Alone On Valentine’s Day

Alone On Valentine’s Day


Grab some tea, and get comfortable, cause we about to chit chat!

I am currently sitting on my bed, listening to Kari Jobe’s new album, and watching VICKYLOGAN’s marriage Q & A. Funny right, I am watching a marriage video and the title of this post is called lonely, but hey you can never have too much wisdom.

Lonely, I’m so Lonely, I got Nobody…

So as you all might have realized (unless you live under a rock), it’s Valentine’s day! So why is this post about loneliness when Valentine’s day is a time of love and relationship?

Although Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day of love, for many people it’s also a harsh reminder that YOU ARE SINGLE. If your relationship status wasn’t highlighted before, today is the day. Before I truly surrendered my life to Christ, I dreaded Valentine’s Day. On this day, you see all the couples loving on each other and you think “ must be nice”. You either throw yourself a pity party or you play it off as if you don’t care. Trust me, I understand, I was that girl that did not get a valentine for most of my life past elementary school.

I get it, sometimes it sucks! But that’s only when you get stuck in a mindset that love is only for romantic relationships, that singleness is a defect or that your status will never change…all lies from the pit of Hell. But the truth is…

 You are NOT alone!

There is beauty in your season of singleness.

You have all the love you need because of Jesus Christ.

You will have that relationship and marriage that you have always dreamed off!

Stop Signs and Pauses


I am really bad at stopping at stop signs when I don’t see cars around…do not judge me! Last week, I was rushing through a stop sign like I usually do and of course, God had to whisper something in my ear. Don’t you just love how God can speak at any moment?

God mentioned to me how important pauses are in our lives, and how we tend to rush through them without getting what we need out of them. We rush through seasons; we rush through lessons and end up moving forward without any preparation.

So you are probably wondering what my stop sign incident has to do with Valentine’s Day and relationships? Don’t rush through this season! you are single for a reason. God is working on you right now so that you can be prepared for that next chapter. We serve a GOOD GOOD father, and he doesn’t withhold ANYTHING good from us. If a relationship was good for you right now, God willing, you would be in one. Be grateful for the protection that God is giving you. A friend of mine once said…

       “ it is better to wait long then to marry wrong”

God might be protecting you from someone that you should not be with. Look at it this way; you are being groomed for greatness and for someone that is great. Greatness takes time to build.

If you rush through this season, like I rush through stop signs, one day you will find yourself crashing (which is why I should stop rushing through stop signs). Be careful or else you will get into a relationship that was not meant for you or you will get in a good relationship without the tools for greatness.

A stop sign is not long term! Stops signs are for pauses, a PAUSE to grow, learn and prepare. It is just a PAUSE, not an eternal sentence; you will not be single forever. In Jesus name, there is a relationship that God is waiting to give you and it’s going to be oh so sweet.

Keep your head up

So why did I write this long post? Because I feel for you, I have been where you are before, but I urge you to turn your sadness into gratitude. Don’t make your relationship status affect your Valentine’s day; tell all the people in your life how much you love them, praise God for the love He has for you, and thank God for the future man or woman He will bring you.

As for me, I plan to enjoy this day with my friends because they are an amazing source of love in my life. I know that God has greatness in store for me in every aspect of my life including marriage, so I won’t pity myself but instead be thankful for the hedge of protection God is providing while He prepares me.

I pray that you will keep your chin up and that you will be patient with God’s plans. In Jesus name, you will experience the beauty of singleness and will make your own version of Valentine’s Day. As you wait on God, you shall be rewarded.


Stay blessed,

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