Win The Race Towards Destiny

Win The Race Towards Destiny

Destiny Is Not For The Weak

Doubt your doubts and believe your beliefs.

God’s word is the truth and even in the midsts of obstacles, we must believe that our doubts are simply that, doubts. The truth has been set; we will win because Jesus Christ has already won.

Nobody said that the path to destiny would be easy. I am sure we have all heard of “mo money, mo problems”, that famous catch phrase actually has a lot of truth. As you move from glory to glory, there will also be more obstacles. But the exciting news is that you will be prepared for them.

Destiny is not for the weak, we need to work hard and expect challenges. The challenges are God’s way of growing and molding us so that we can get to the next level.

Struggles come but we need to have a winner’s mindset. Put the devil to shame by believing that the only possible result in your life is winning.

When the Lord first gave me insight on what to pursue, I expected to glide smoothly without any issue. I mean, God told me to do it right, so it will be easy, FALSE. Destiny is not synonymous to ease. Over time, I have realized that it is the obstacles that have shaped me and prepared me for the doors that God has been opening.

Seeing Obstacles The Way God Does

Let’s say you are at work and you are placed in a group with coworkers that are extremely lazy, belligerent, rude, and lackluster. Now there are two options, you can take this obstacle the way that Satan wants you to take it. This would mean that you would speak down to your coworkers, complain about them, and ostracize yourself from them.

On the other hand, you can choose to believe that obstacles are to grow you. This second option would look more like you encouraging your coworkers to work, creating incentives for them to get on their feet, and filling in their gaps without complaining.

You see, by taking the second option you could be preparing yourself to be an encourager to a team that you will one day lead.

Life is a game of choice. We must choose to believe that we will win. We must choose to believe the truth, that the best is yet to come and that everything that was made to break us will be used for our good!

You Are A Winner

There is a freedom that comes from believing that we are winners. When finances are tight, we know that our miracles are coming, when God asks us to take what seems to be a “ risky” leap, we know that it must work out because God said that it will!

The dictionary defines risk as ” a situation involving exposure to danger”. There is no risk with God on your side. Stop listening to the naysayers that say that you are taking risks in your life. You aren’t taking a risk when you listen to the Holy Spirit… there is absolutely no danger in following the voice of God…so go for it.

The Voices Against Your Calling

People speak against you, so what! even your enemies are part of the plan. David had no shortage of obstacles. But David never lost, why? Because God was always with him. God will be with you every step of the way and will guide you so that you may conquer obstacles.

How will you be the empowered woman that God has called you to be if you can’t minister to a wide variety of people, sweet and cruel. How will you tell another woman to change her ways when you have never had an issue in your life? You see, Satan uses obstacles to distract us, but when you focus on God, those obstacles can build your ministry.

God has stretched me in every direction; He has shown me that my pain and struggles are to prepare me for something bigger. Yes, life is hard; yes taking a leap of faith is difficult. But you are destined to win!

If your present doesn’t look how you expected it to look, it only means that you haven’t reached the end of the chapter! We serve a good God and the work that He has started in you will be finished!

So today, mock your obstacles and tell them I WIN!

Stay blessed,

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