5 Ways To Pursue a Passion For God During The Summer

5 Ways To Pursue a Passion For God During The Summer

It’s hot outside, the sun is out, school is out, vacation is around the corner, sounds like summertime. I have always loved the summer, especially because my birthday is in July. As a kid, I would look forward to all the summer barbecues my parents would take me to, playing outside and not having to do homework. Now I love summer because I travel, take time off from my daily routine, experience new places in town, take long walks in the evening and just live life!

But I have found that we often get so busy with unwinding, eating, traveling, barbecuing and having fun that we break our routines and fall out of our habits and end up losing our passion for God.

But there is hope! I use these 5 tips to ensure that the fire inside of me keeps burning, even during the summer slump, I hope it helps you fuel your passion for God during the blazing summer months.


  1. Pray first

    • The first thing I like to do when I wake up is to pray. Praying as soon as I wake reminds me to focus on God. Before I get the chance to look at my phone, rummage through my emails and Instagram, I have already set my mindset on God. I am more likely to pause and open my bible if I start by recognizing the Lord the moment I wake. Prayer has the power to make everything around you still. In prayer, you are able to be the most authentic you can possibly be. No need for scripts, just cry out to God, release whatever is inside of you, release that passion, God can take it. In return for your vulnerability, silence, and authenticity, God will reward you by filling you up, protecting you, and preparing you for the day at hand. Prayer is so vital, the bible tells us to pray without seizing and that is not by mistake. There is an enemy targeting you and trying very hard to distract you, prayer is the place where you can come and fight back with fire. If you do nothing else out of these tips, please pray!
  2. Use the Bible App

    • This app created by YOUVERSION is simply amazing. You can download it with both apple and android phones. Not only does this app have hundreds of Bible translations, it has awesome devotionals that you can study. If you deal with fear, jealousy, motherhood, singleness ect.. there is an app for just about anything. I am not a proponent of devotionals as being your only source for studying God’s word, however, I do enjoy the app’s mobility. During your lunch break, you can easily read a devotional. This app will help you keep God in your mind throughout your day. I have learned a lot through devotionals, some of my favorites have been The Ragamuffin Gospel, The Blessing of Ordinary, 10 Scriptures To Help You Stick It Out In Ministry, The Invisible War, Love Like Jesus, Without Rival, Good or God?, ‘Bout That Life. You can follow me on the app @KarenTchuindjo
  3. Get social

    • There is nothing better than doing life with amazing people that will support your walk with God. bible studyThe bible says “walk with the wise and becomes wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” ( Proverbs 13:20). Get around those that are wise and will keep you accountable. Form friendships with people that have a passion for God, people that will push you to grow closer to God. If you already have those friendships, nurture them and maintain them.  Learning more about God is fun! take a hike with your girls and talk about a sermon you all watched or what God is teaching you in this season. Go out for coffee, plan a picnic. Whatever you do, surround yourself with good people and great conversation that will stimulate you.
      •  If you are wondering how to make and maintain Godly friendships…check out this post. 
  4. Get connected

    • Summer is not the time to become a bedside Baptist. A Christian that is intentional about their relationship with Christ needs a home Church. Going to church is more than just sitting in on a Sunday service, and leaving right after, growth happens in a community. Get plugged in, serve, and watch how God moves in His house. If you live in the DC metropolitan area and in need of a church home, connect with me, I would love to guide you to somewhere that will fuel your passion for God.
      • Here is an awesome article on the myths about church and the importance of the institution of the church.
  5. Have alone time

    • Now, this isn’t necessarily alone time to study your bible, which is awesome by the way, but just alone time. During the summer, we tend to hop from place to place without taking the time out for ourselves. Taking the time to relax and do what you like gives you time to self-reflect and be still. Summer can be so busy, the constant movement can cloud God’s voice. But when we take the time to pause and reflect, distraction falls and Christ is centered. You can plan your alone time to suit your needs, my alone time is generally in my room. I like to have it right before sleeping because that is my most uninterrupted time. I relax, sit back, listen to worship music, read my bible, watch a sermon, or read a book, whatever makes me relax but also reflect. Sometimes, I get super fancy and take myself out on a date. I take my journal with me, and just reflect wherever I end up going.

Enjoy God, Enjoy People, Enjoy Life. Happy summer!


Stay blessed,




  1. August 17, 2017 / 3:01 am

    Hi there!
    I followed your comment on my blog over to your blog, and gee whiz I’m glad I did. I’m just looking around all inspired! You have a lovely message and blog here. I’m looking for you in our Facebook group for Christian Bloggers called “By His Grace Bloggers” and don’t see you as a member. I’d love it if you joined! These are all wonderful key tips on keeping you passionate in your walk! Well done!

    • ktchuindjo
      August 18, 2017 / 1:41 pm

      Hey Natalie,
      Thank you so much for comming over. I will definitly take a look at the page as soon as I get back on Facebook. I am on a social media break right now. Love your blog!

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