5 Ways To Enhance Your Christian Conference Experience

5 Ways To Enhance Your Christian Conference Experience

In July, I had the pleasure to attend the Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta Georgia. To say that my conference experience was amazing is an understatement. I had been looking forward to this conference for a long time, so when I got the chance to go, I didn’t give up the opportunity.

This was my first women’s conference (and also my first time traveling alone on air…can you believe it). Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I want to share some of my tips and tricks on how to attend and enjoy your conference experience.

Number 1: Plan in advance

I knew that I wanted to go on this trip long in advance, but I waited until the very last minute to plan and buy my plane ticket…wrong idea! Plane tickets get increasingly expensive once you hit the 6-week mark. Buy your airfare in advance and book your room in advance. I love comparing the price of flights using sites like expedia.com, hotwire.com, and orbitz.com.conference experience


Number 2: Come with expectation

Don’t go just to go, have a plan and come expectantly. What is it that you want God to do while you are at the conference? You don’t have to be extremely specific but come expecting something. God had been tugging on my heart to go to the Pinky Promise conference and I knew that there was something in store.

Before embarking on my conference experience, I took the time to pray, reflect and list out some of the things I was expecting from my weekend away. One thing that was on my list was for God to refresh my desire to work and pursue the tasks He has set before me. God surely met me at that conference! By the time I left, I was so refueled to live and work not for myself but for the growth of God’s kingdom.

Number 3: Branch Out!

Branch out! Meet new people, life change happens in the context of relationships. Here you are in a room with thousands of women seeking God (hopefully), there is no better time to form relationships. I don’t think conferences are a time of solitude, yes, there may be moments where you want to go off by yourself, maybe to pray or journal. But in general, it is good to interact with like-minded people.

I met a few wonderful people while at the conference, but I definitely should have met more. I have to be honest, I was a bit guilty of what I am preaching. I went to the conference with my two friends (pictured below), so we mostly stayed together. If you are like me and you are planning to go to a conference with friends, don’t use your friends as a reason to not talk to new people.

conference experience

Number 4: Come Prepared

Ladies, you can’t walk into a conference without the right ingredients. Come prepared!, you will be taking notes (hopefully). Make sure to bring a journal, bible, writing utensil, or an ipad. I used an Ipad while at Pinky Promise simply because I wanted to be fancy ( lol! Jk). A simple pen and paper will do. The other essential you will need is some water. You have to stay hydrated. I would also bring whatever you need to freshen up because conferences are generally all day. Don’t forget some money if you want to purchase any books or conference items. Lastly, do not, I repeat, do not forget your listening ears. I know, that’s a bit childish but it’s true. Make sure you pay attention and take in all the incredible information, stop getting distracted during the sessions.

         Ok so you need


  1. writing material

  2. Water

  3. Money

  4. Listening ears


Number 5: Don’t Lose The Fire

There is something called a conference high. The conference high is fueled by thousands of people around you praising and worshiping the Lord. A lot of us go to conferences to be refueled, only to lose that fuel week after we leave the conference. Let me be clear, conferences are not the only time you should shout, scream, be hyped and on fire for the Lord. Conferences are NOT the foundation to your Christian walk, Christ is. After a conference is over, the flame needs to burn on.

I see conferences as a refreshment, they ignite me in a new way, and I allow that ignition to continue to grow and fuel, not slowly burn out. I should be more on fire for God at the beginning of Pinky promise 2018 then I was at the beginning of Pinky Promise 2017. Don’t allow your faith walk to be a pendulum swinging high and low, high and low. The goal is to go from glory to glory to glory. Let’s not allow the fire to burn out.


I hope that following at least one of these tips will help you enhance your conference experience. Have fun and stay Holy!


Let me know below one conference you have been to or want to go to.

Stay Blessed,

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  1. Debi B
    September 26, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    One conference I wanna go to is the Hillsong conference, and when I do go, I know where to come for some tips. Thanks for sharing ❤️

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