Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling Overwhelmed

God, I can’t do it!

Have you ever yelled that out? Or have you at least thought of this phrase before? Sometimes I find myself telling God “jeez, I didn’t think you would literally break me when I asked you to, can’t a girl get a break”…Yes, this is how my conversations with God sometimes transpire, with the uttermost respect of course. Jesus I am feeling overwhelmed!

There are days, weeks, months, and seasons that just seem very trying.  I feel like I am in a season of extreme pruning and growth, God help me. It just seems that God is revealing every part of me that will not work. I have had doors open and closed without even asking…praise God.

It is very comforting to know that God cares enough to want to make me the best version of myself. Nonetheless, growth  can get tiring. I am about to graduate and my oh my has it been hectic. Graduation season is not necessarily one where I have ample time to be trialed, so I have been doing a lot of “why me” cries..smh


You know when you ask God to help you with something and he REALY helps you out, like a  slap on your face type help. I asked God to help me be more patient and my patience been tested like no other. It seems like no one is walking in my rhythm! I complain, saying “ I don’t have time for this nonsense, yatta yatta, why are people disrespecting my time”.  After I get myself together and stop complaining, God speaks to me and calms me down. The Lord encourages me and reminds me of his grace.

The truth is that God is preparing us for more. Fortunately, God has shown me a glimpse of my path, and I can clearly see how having patience and working with people that don’t move at my rhythm is very important. ( sidenote: These are good traits to practice no matter what)

I am quickly learning that God will stretch you when you surrender to Him,  it will be painful but well worth it!


Stay blessed,

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