Free Printable Prayer cards

Free Printable Prayer cards

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If you are like me and love to touch and feel things than this post is for you.

Here I’ll show you how I arranged my prayer cards so that they can be ready for use.

#1 Print the cards

I would recommend printing the prayer cards on cardstock paper for durability.

You can easily print the cards at Staples or Office Depot if you don’t have cardstock at home.

If you are crafty, I would recommend investing in cardstock paper for your home. I bought mine at Staples for about $10. I got a whole stack of 200 sheets and I now use it to make greeting cards, thank you cards, and my printable prayer cards! It’s definitely worth the investment.

I printed mine at home and I fit 4 cards/ sheet. I choose to print individually and not front and back, but that is up to you…make it to your own liking!

Printable prayer cards


#2. Cut out each card

You can use scissors, but if you are like me and can’t cut in a straight line, you might want to use a paper cutter

printable prayer cards

 #3 Hole punch your cards on the top left corner

Easy enough right!

 #4 Connect your cards with a ring

And you are ready to use your printables. I throw these cards in my purse so they follow me wherever I go. These verses are a great reminder of God’s truth whenever I am dealing with something, and it is also a great way to meditate and memorize verses.


printable prayer cards


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