Unveiled: Testimonies

The devil has a way of masking the beauty, gifts, and talents God has planted inside of us. By the grace of God, as we walk alongside Him, we began to uncover our hidden self and the self that we were meant to be. We began to be Unveiled. You have a story worth learning from! Wether you have a poem, photos, or a post that reveals your unveiling, there is a space for you here on IAMKYT. If you are interested in a feature, connect with me!

  Veiled: not enough I was always too tall, too dark. Not fast enough, pretty enough, smart enough, skinny enough.  Too mature, too childish, too messy, too bossy, too OCD. I was always in comparison. Somehow, I was never enough. Whether for my parents, my family, friends, coaches or teachers.…

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