Feeling Overwhelmed

God, I can’t do it!

Have you ever yelled that out? Or have you at least thought of this phrase before? Sometimes I find myself telling God “jeez, I didn’t think you would literally break me when I asked you to, can’t a girl get a break”…Yes, this is how my conversations with God sometimes transpire, with the uttermost respect of course. Jesus I am feeling overwhelmed!

There are days, weeks, months, and seasons that just seem very trying.  I feel like I am in a season of extreme pruning and growth, God help me. It just seems that God is revealing every part of me that will not work. I have had doors open and closed without even asking…praise God.

It is very comforting to know that God cares enough to want to make me the best version of myself. Nonetheless, growth  can get tiring. I am about to graduate and my oh my has it been hectic. Graduation season is not necessarily one where I have ample time to be trialed, so I have been doing a lot of “why me” cries..smh


You know when you ask God to help you with something and he REALY helps you out, like a  slap on your face type help. I asked God to help me be more patient and my patience been tested like no other. It seems like no one is walking in my rhythm! I complain, saying “ I don’t have time for this nonsense, yatta yatta, why are people disrespecting my time”.  After I get myself together and stop complaining, God speaks to me and calms me down. The Lord encourages me and reminds me of his grace.

The truth is that God is preparing us for more. Fortunately, God has shown me a glimpse of my path, and I can clearly see how having patience and working with people that don’t move at my rhythm is very important. ( sidenote: These are good traits to practice no matter what)

I am quickly learning that God will stretch you when you surrender to Him,  it will be painful but well worth it!


Stay blessed,

Fighting Insecurity: Affirmation Printables

Insecurity, the dreaded word, but one that many of us are so familiar with. There are so many places of insecurity that a person can feel. I have battled insecurity and still have some patches of me that I am insecure about but by the grace of God, His power in me has become so much greater than the little voice of insecurity that tries to speak up. Fighting insecurity is possible when we allow God to fills us up.

Unfortunately, insecurity is an issue that most women and most people in general deal with; whether it is insecurity in regards to your physicality or your mental, spiritual, or intellectual capability. I don’t know what insecurities you might have dealt with or continue to deal with, but I do know that YOU are indeed enough. Secondly, the word of God, the truth, has the ability to overshadow every bit of insecurity you might have.

I believe God has planted a lot in me, and in you as well, and sometimes I feel that I am incapable of doing what God has called me to do today and tomorrow. That maybe God made a mistake in positioning me where He has me. I can find myself using my mistakes as a reason to drop out the race instead of a method of growth. But what I have found is that I alone am not capable of doing what God has called me to do, but with God everything is capable. The God in me has provided the wisdom and the grace to navigate through life. The bible says “And those whom he predestined he also called, and those whom he called he also justified, and those whom he justified he also glorified”.(Romans 8:30).

God does not call qualified people!!!! God has qualified you because He has called you, and nobody in this world can take God’s qualification from you.

You are enough. I wish I could yell this out to you all until you truly believe it, but you have to make the decision to believe the truth. You are beautiful, you are smart, and you are wise. There is no gifting that is hidden from you; you have been given access to all gifts from heaven to do the work of the Lord.


Although God has done a work in me and healed some wounds of insecurity, the enemy, you may agree, has a way of picking at you especially in those trying season. That is why it is so important to wash yourself with the word of God; affirmation is important in fighting insecurity. Whenever the enemy speaks, respond with a truth and watch the power of God transform you.

This is why I have created these affirmation printable cards for you. My hope is that it will be a constant reminder of what God is doing in you.

Fighting insecurity

Printable picture ^^

Setting Up Your Cards

I printed my cards as photos (very inexpensive) but you can also print them using regular paper or cardstock.

I taped my cards on my bathroom door because that is the first surface I see when I wake up in the morning. I love reading these verses out loud to reaffirm the words that I know to be facts.

My prayer is that these affirmation cards will help you in fighting insecurity. The word of God has the power to transform darkness into light. Whenever you find darkness creeping in, don’t allow it to have an extended stay, keep it at bay. You are enough and have enough.


Fighting Insecurity

Printable picture ^^

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God bless,

How To Work Past Your Emotions

So I admit, it’s 11 pm, I have had a long day, I am tired and want to do nothing more than to relax and watch Youtube while I slowly fall asleep… don’t judge me, you do the same. And yet, here I stand, writing a blog post. You see, I don’t always want to do what I have to do. Whether that means going to work, writing, reading, studying, serving, forgiving, loving, and even praying. I don’t always feel like being righteous and holy…there I said it. I don’t always want to pursue the things that God has asked me to do.But I choose to serve, write, love, study, forgive and work past my emotions. 

I have learned that my emotions will not always line up with the ways of the Lord. I have to work past my emotions.My heart and feelings cannot be trusted to make final decisions. Emotions may be good guidelines at times, but it certainly is not a good foundation.

“ The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? “ Jeremiah 17:9.

Call To Action

We cannot wait for a mood change before changing our actions.

We must act according to the Lord and allow our emotions to follow because eventually, they will.

There is an idea in popular culture that it is best to trust your feelings, that your feelings are true, that it is best to follow your feelings and that we are not authentic when we don’t do this. This is a, dare I say, an absurd notion that elevates our fleshly desires. Unless you are a perfect human being, you have had the desire to do something that you shouldn’t do, but you might have stopped yourself from doing it. As much as you wanted to react to your feelings, you instead decided to follow what you knew to be right, you worked past your emotions.

Following the heart sounds great until you realize that feelings are from the flesh and the flesh is nothing but deceitful. Paul says in the word that

“For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate” Romans 7:15.

Now, I don’t know about you but if I did whatever I felt like doing, I would probably eat a lot more junk food, be petty, watch Netflix, play a lot more than I work… I would basically become a mess. I want to please God and live righteously, I choose to deny my flesh and to listen to the Holy Spirit before I allow my emotions to speak.

As a follower of Christ, I choose to please Him and live righteously. I choose to deny my flesh and listen to the Holy Spirit before I allow my emotions to speak.

It is so vital to work past your emotions if you want to run this race of life and succeed.

How To Work Past Your Emotions

The truth is, life gets hard, and you won’t always want to do the things that must be done. You won’t always want to wake up bright and early to study the word before going to work…but you absolutely must. What happens when you choose to not do what God has called you to do because you are lazy and emotional? There are people waiting for you to obey, so obey and react the way you should.

It’s not always easy to work past emotions so you have to cling unto God. Next time you don’t feel like it, first ask yourself why? Is it your flesh talking? are you tired or annoyed? Go into your word and remind yourself of God’s truths. Ask the Holy Spirit to uplift you and give you strength to perform in spite of your feelings. Then, get up and do what you got to do sis, we are waiting for you to take that next step!

I am rooting for you!


Stay blessed,